Tennis Betting on US Open

Banner event for Tennis Betting on US Open starts in less than a week.  Fourth and final grand slam of the year has wild crowds, fast courts, and true bounces to highlight the players skill and ability to handle pressure.  Great to welcome everyone back to The Street Betting.  Today, we want to tackle the passion of profit on the courts.  This year has been hard on the established power.  Top four in the ATP are almost gone.  Serena is showing her age. Now is the time for those that can embrace the changes in tennis to reap the profits from Monday, August 29th onward. Get loans from Pickaloan for betting.

Betting on US Open : Types of Bets

So we suspect whom will be hot and what players to fade for the upcoming weeks. We even went the next step and deposited at a quality sportsbook like Americas Bookie.  The Draw has come out and now we look at the three types of bets that are easy to do and can win money right away.

  • Moneylines
  • Totals
  • Spreads

Easiest one is moneyline.  All it represents is whom is going to win that match.  So say if Halep (+120) plays Kerber (-130).  The prices are in parenthesis for this example.  A bet on Halep would get your $100 back plus 120 more.  Kerber takes a wager of $130 to get that back plus $100 more.  Underdogs are always have the + next to them.  The favorite is the lowest – value for the other person in the match.

Totals and Spreads

Totals represent the bar for the number of games played in the match.  Under the number means a blowout might occur.  Over the total usually equates to a tighter than expected battle on  Spreads are the number of games or sets that is spotted to make the match equal.  Kerber-4 means that at the end of the match the bettor has to subtract four from the amount of games Kerber won.  If she still has the greater number then the bet wins.  Tied is a push and less games won is a loss on this.

Once a person gets a wager or two under their belt in tennis, the mechanics of bet placing become second nature.  WIth the rock solid reputation of Americas Bookie, all one was to worry about is picking winners.  Savor Flushing Meadows action and profit at the same time when betting on tennis for the 2016 US Open.