Push PGA Majors for Increase in All Wagering

One of the ways to propel profits is to Push PGA Majors to existing as well as potential clients.  The Street Betting has been measuring the pulse of sports fans in America.  Few high profile events are as different and intriguing as the four majors in professional golf.  Each not only has their own niche but dominate the headlines for that week.  People take time off of work and rearrange schedules to watch the action from Thursday on.  Let us see how you can market the British Open to your customer base this Summer.

Push PGA Majors : Unique Courses

While the US Open is played on hard courses that alternate each year, the link style courses in the British Open are almost unworldly for American fans.  They are scenic and get most people’s minds wondering how they would attack the course.  This is the key.  Make the event seem more personable.  Show your clients Royal Troon.  Send them a news letter with vivid images.  Get the mind thinking of how they or their favorite pros will do in this somewhat unique environment on the PGA side of golf.  Make it memorable and people will pour the money in to bet it just for entertainment purposes.

Push the Props

Larger events get the oddsmakers to think outside of the box.  Americas Bookie and other quality sportsbooks push the envelope in offering thought provoking bets.  You can rail the Americans overseas with a top American bet.  Top three and five placement in the field always have prolonged entertainment value for the event.  Make the cut gets the gears going because how will your heroes handle the harrows of Royal Troon. Grouping bets or heads up wagering lets you pit players against their peers or pairings.  Also each round will have some unique offerings so gradings can be done each day so they can bet again once they develop the feel of things.

Foster an atmosphere where people can be creative.  Show them options and they will embrace.  PGA Majors can translate into increased baseball wagering.  Each day has a lot of player and team props in MLB action that get one to think.  Get them to wager the courage of their convictions by pushing PGA Majors as part of your wagering lineup whether you are a local or use a Pay Per Head today.