Profit on Quest for College Football Championship

Once it turned to August, profit on the quest for the College Football Championship seems so near.  Wonderful to see everyone again here at The Street Betting.  With the publication of the first preseason rankings, we now have a handle on the landscape in college football.  What program could threaten the Power Five’s hold on the Playoff system?  Which SEC team stole a first place vote at #10?  All of this and more to ramp up the excitement of college football right now.

Profit : Ask the Bookie Resources

Australia of all places opens up college football this season with Cal and Hawaii opening up there.  In prep from this game on, we rely on Ask The Bookie with their quality news feeds and opinion pieces to gain a quality perspective on the upcoming season.  Maybe they will be able to explain how Tennessee got a first place vote in the preseason poll which was sponsored by  64 coaches voted and not one of them was Butch Davis of the Vols.  Who gave them the benefit of the doubt we do not know but we can attempt to understand the logic behind the decision at Ask the Bookie.

Ready for Launch

Number 13 ranking could be part of a plan to prop up their game against #3 Oklahoma to boost ratings.  It could also be accurate for this offensive juggernaut.  The Cougars will be able to prove if they can either steamroll one of the better programs or just play enough defense to gain this banner win.  One of the great games of the season, this could catapult a non-Power Five school into the fray if they can win this one.  Pivotal test for all of college football is in the Houston Texans home NFL field to start the season for the Cougars.

We are more than ready for football.  Olympics are here for profit but our hearts belong to the gridiron.  Remember to load up and deposit at Americas Bookie to give you a boost to your translating sports wisdom into profit today.