Profit on MLB Playoff Races

Baseball wagering requires a shift in mind to be able to Profit on MLB Playoff Races.  Great to see everyone back here at The Street Bettings.  Now we are starting to witness what teams and even starting pitchers will make it over the course of the entire season.  Youth movements by the auditions of new talent is starting to be implemented by franchises that have called it quits for 2016.  So let us get on with the process of profiting from August on in baseball.

MLB Playoff Races : Solid Information

A proven approach from August onward is to first look for games to bet on where each starter is near or over 100 innings pitched.  They are like an open book and gives us the best comparison with season stats verses recent momentum.  Last three starts are an ideal window to see if they are slipping or finding their second wind late in the year.  This will guide you and show the clear path to profit.  Bet on the hot pitchers and go over on the team totals of those franchises facing tired starters.

Betting Totals

Totals thinking needs to get an adjustment for the home stretch.  Earlier in our quest to profit on MLB Totals, it was more cut and dry.  Now our approach actually should have the team totals going upward when facing those fresh from the minors.  Most of the call ups would have already been up in the MLB level during the summer if just  by their merit.  Now we are in a range of audition.  Those for consideration for future minor roles will get their chance to prove themselves with some starts.  Over against these novices should provide plenty of profit in September.

Good fortune in your continued quest for profit during these MLB playoff chases.  Some teams will be in it while the majority are starting to retool for the future.  Know who these are and strike at the vulnerabilities in the bookmakers lines.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at The Street Betting.