The Right Price Per Head Services – Save Time Boost Profits

The price per head industry has exploded in the last few years and if you are a bookmaker or even a corner guy that has a player or two, then you definitely need to jump on board. There is only one way to be a bookie nowadays and that’s with a pay per head service. It would be safe to say that when conducting an organic Google search for an online bookmaker, that more than half of the bookies on page one, will be a pay per head. They may not advertise themselves as a pay per head and usually they don’t, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t and they most likely, are a pay per head.

What makes pay per head services so great and what you should look for when deciding to do business with one?

Pay per heads are a dime a dozen on the internet and knowing who to choose and why you should chose them can be a daunting task. Keep one thing in mind, there are some very good reasons to go with a pph, let’s look at a few.

  1. No more late nights grading tickets.
  2.  Complete money management at your fingertips.
  3.  A complete race, sportsbook and casino that’s turnkey ready and customized just for you and the needs of your clients.
  4.  Customer support for both you the agent and the client that includes a toll free hotline assessable from the United States.
  5.  Affordable, it does not cost a fortune to operate a pph. The cost, (depending on the company) and let’s precedent by saying the cost at the reputable PPH services; starts at around $10.00 per player, per week. This means that for every play you have that plays with you at least one time per week, you will be charged the onetime fee per week of $10. The Client may make as many wagers as he chooses for the one low price to you the agent.
  6.  Easy startup. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to open up a pay per head.
  7.  Ease of use, again, PPH services are super user friendly and everything is simple and easy to understand.
  8.  Exclusive bookie software and a 99% up and operational time guaranteed.
  9. Betting options. Remember, this is a turnkey operation a PPH is a readymade sportsbook and casino with all of the popular casino games and a wide variety of sports wagering options that include a large menu of sporting events and all the wagering options on the individual sports such as parlays, reverse action, teasers, straight bets, round robins, live in-game wagering and much, more.
  10. Financial reports that include wagers earned/lost and end of day cash reports.

These are a few of the many great benefits available when choosing a PPH service. There are great ones out there and not so great ones and then some rip offs. Don’t be scammed by the bad people. In every industry it’s the same, a few bad apples but fortunately they are just that, few and far between. The better PPH services in operation today will offer a two, three or even a 4 week trial period. Take the free trial, it will be well worth your time and you will get to know who you are dealing with. You will praise the day that you made the choice to use a PPH. No more accounting headaches, no more grading hassles and you can see where every dollar is spent every day.

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