MLB Futures – Who’s a Worthy Buy?

Baseball is a game that bettors either love or hate. The season is long, grueling and even the very best teams lose a lot of games. There are so many variables in the game of baseball and it seems that one never knows what can happen from one inning to the next. You can be up 4-0 in the second inning and look like you’re cruising to an easy victory and then before you know it the bottom drops out and you lose the game 9-7! It really can be frustrating when it comes to betting this game and knowing what side to choose day in and day out can be a daunting task.

Pay Per Head’s Live In-Game MLB Betting Options

Step 1

Do not go this season alone. Get help. There are experts that study the game of baseball and they know every possible detail and where to find betting value. These experts are exceptionally good at what they do. They know what pitchers are the better value and against what teams. They know what pitchers pitch well on the road or get banged up on the road, they know who plays well at night, the understand value in team batting average and how it plays out on the road and against which opponents. They know who the best defensive players are and who has the better ability to run the base pads and which teams will collect more total bases in any-one-game and why. They literally understand every jot and tittle of the game and what gives one team a betting advantage over another.

If you really want to win this season in baseball, you will do two things:

You will set a budget for yourself and never go over it. You will stick to it at all times and you must refuse to chase a bad bet. Sure, it’s tempting, but be disciplined, stick to your guns no matter what the budget is. If your budget is $2 per game or $1,000 per game; stick to it.

How to Bet Baseball Totals kicks into the high profit potential

Step 2

Find a quality sportsbook, one that has a top ranked reputation for honesty and fairness and one that’s customer friendly. Look for one that caters to baseball and offers a great player bonus along with competitive baseball lines and odds.

What’s happening this season and who looks like a worthy investment?

This season is already a fun one and there are more than a handful of teams that look like legitimate contenders for the World Series crown. Who is worthy of your hard earned green?

 A look at the top 3:

Houston Astros 11/2

Boston Red Sox 6/1

New York Yankees 8/1

Although the Boston Red Sox have come into this season as strong contenders and they are playing very well, don’t forget who they are! They are well, the Red Sox. Will they really win a World Series and can they?

Yes, they can. They have the tools and number one, they have the pitching. They look very balanced, they hit for power, the hit for average, (.290) the best in the Majors, they have speed and they have superb defense and they have every tool they need in order to win it all. They are a solid investment at 6/1.

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The Astros have to be considered the favorite and with just cause. They have the same team assembled this year after winning the World Series last year and they look extremely good. Verlander is better than ever and this team should win 110 games. The Yankees are the Yankees and they are a wildcard, an x factor but worthy of a $100 spot at 8/1.