Managing March Madness with Pay Per Head Bookie Software

The month of March belongs to college basketball when it comes to betting on the games. As a
private bookie working with a quality Pay Per Head online sports betting software provider, you
give yourself the best opportunity to make the most of the madness over the next five weeks.

Just because you have the proper online betting software solutions in place, does not guarantee that this March will provide a major boost to your bottom-line profits. You need to plan things out, execute those plans and always continue to look for additional ways to capitalize on all the betting options that are on the board.

It all starts early in the month with over 30 individual conference tournaments that lay the
groundwork for the annual NCAA Tournament that will eventually crown this season national
champion in men’s college basketball. Sports betting continues to expand into women’s sports,
so there are also additional betting options for the women’s college basketball conference
tournaments and their NCAA Tournament as well.

One of the most important ways that your Pay Per Head service earns the weekly price per
head service fees they charge for active betting customers is through sharp betting lines that
are delivered in a timely manner. Building out your betting board is the best way that you can
level the playing field with the big online sportsbooks that will go to great lengths this time of the
year to attract sports bettors to their sites. No matter how loyal you think your current sports
bettors are, they will take their business someplace else if the action they are looking for is not
available through your bookie business.

Pay Per Head online betting software applications allow you to move your own betting lines and
to change the offerings on your board to best meet your individual needs. There is no added
cost for this feature and you can make as many moves and changes as needed. This makes
expanding the betting options on your board fast and easy to do. Along with all the betting lines
for the games, you can add futures odds for the upcoming conference tournaments as well as
betting odds for winning this year’s national title. Prop bet opportunities continue to become
more and more popular for just about every mainstream betting event and March Madness is no

The NBA season continues into the summer and MLB betting action is getting ready to start
back up, but March is the last big month to rake in some big profits as a private bookie until
football rolls back around in September. Marketing plans are easy to put into place for your
existing sports betting cliental. You should also have the goal of adding a few new bettors to the
mix for March Madness that could carry over to other sports as well. Targeted social media
should be a part of the marketing mix, but your Pay Per Head custom website remains your top
marketing tool to attract some new bettors to your bookie services.

Creating and constantly maintaining a highly professional online presence should be at the very
top of the list when it comes to promoting your business. The majority of all sports bets are
placed online and you need a website that is both functional for betting and easy to navigate.
Working directly with your Pay Per Head provider, you can get that custom online look that will
set you apart from your competition. Today’s top price per head shops have spared no expense
when it comes to online betting technology that can rival even the biggest offshore books in the
online sports betting industry.