Increase Volume by Betting on Banner Events

Sprinkling seeds upon the fertile fields can produce produces crops in abundance during harvest time.  Most bookmakers would concede that the slowest time of the year is the Summer.  It does not have to be but the combination of the weather plus the fall football season have many sitting on the sidelines until then.  It is not that they do not want to bet but do not realize all the banner events out there.  Now is the time to increase volume both now and for all the other seasons by planting the seeds on summer events.

Banner Events : MLB All Star Game

Make the novelty of the home run derby work for you.  This is one event that is fun to watch, over in a short time, and prompts debate between people before and after event.  Consult your records to determine which of your most loyal customers have fallen off the map.  This is easily done for those that use a Pay Per Head as their online presence.  Now send promo emails to them saying that with wagers of x amount of size on the HR derby, it unlocks a free bet of a smaller size on the ML of the All-Star game.  Get the thought and practice of them betting on consecutive days.  After the HR Derby, fire off another email highlighting the banner events for that summer.  Use the captive audience to plant the message that summertime wagering is here and profitable.  Captivate your audience for June, July, and early August this way.

In Mind

Follow it up with friendly reminders of Wimbledon and the British Open. Stress the slam opportunities in tennis and golf.  Let them know about UFC200 and all the fight nights every two weeks or so from Dana White’s organization, If you need money for your booking needs, try  Heck even tell them where and when on tv they can watch the 4th of July Hot Dog Eating contest.  Let them know that the major, minor, and even the quirky can bear profit in the Summer.

A few additional promos with a smattering of free plays mixed in.  Minor sum that could get your summertime volume pumped up. Visit for more info about mobile betting and that they do not have to be tied to a computer in their house to bet.  On the road, at the beach, and on a barstool is no impediment to prophet.  Good fortune in using the big events to bolster business and volume right now.