How to Bet Baseball Totals

How to Bet Baseball Totals kicks into the high profit potential with the second half of the MLB season starting today.  We extend a warm welcome from all of us on The Street Betting.  The point of the year has come in baseball where most of the teams are known quantities.  Very few of them have pitched it in with dreams of next year. (Sorry Arizona Diamondbacks) From now to probably mid August, a majority of the players and teams will still be going full throttle.  So how do we take advantage of this motivation on their part to for profit in our wallets?  We bet totals.

How to Bet Baseball Totals: Beyond the Basics

Simply put, baseball totals are the projection of how many runs will be scored in a game.  Both teams is the most common number.  Team totals is where only one of the two opponents run output is speculated upon.  We look to go on the how to bet and more into procuring profit.  First tip is that this is a pitcher’s league in terms of betting.  Moneyline and totals almost always start at end with whom is going to the bump that day.  Offensive momentum plays a part but pales in comparison to starting pitching.

Key Stat : Momentum

Personal history against a team is over rated.  Sure we have the occasional ace whose one team or stadium has their number but for the most part it is given too much value.  Momentum is your key.  Last three games gives you an ideal window to see how they are slinging it right now.  Control issues that might have suddenly cropped up makes themselves known by WHIP.  ERA when compared to WHIP tells you which pitchers are extracting themselves out of jams and what others can not close doors of late.  This gives one the ability to procure profit as the oddsmakers use mathematical models of a long term nature when assigning the bar in terms of totals.

So now at The Street Betting, we have covered facets of the moneyline in betting.  Now we are weighing in on MLB totals.  The world has a wide variety of ways to win money in sports betting.  Learn what they are and together we all hope to profit on the night’s action.