Futures or Props What generates the Revenue?

Sports gamblers are funny people the minute you think you have them figured out, they stop gambling for six months and you never hear from them. Just about the time you think they are solid football bettors, they hit you for $500 on NASCAR! Following your clients is an up and down rollercoaster of a ride and it can be painful. It can also be rewarding.

The up and down gamblers are the best type to have. These folks rarely have a plan and when they do come back, it’s because they lost on another site and they need the money. You need players that “need the money”. Needy players are unwise players, they play on a whim, a feeling, and most of the time they have conducted very little research as to the game they are betting on. The options you offer them are vital and this is where offerings such as futures and prop bets can make a big difference in your bottom line.


►  Future bets have a sudden impact. They bring you free revenue right now and that revenue can be mighty helpful when times are lean or worse, you had a very bad weekend.

►  Many small bookies opt-out of futures bets. They simply don’t want to take the risk of being hit later on down the road. We understand the sentiment, we get it and we know that every once-in-a-while, gamblers get lucky.

Futures bets are a good idea and every bookie should be offering them on some level. Remember, it’s revenue to the house, at the moment. You may need that cash flow.

►  We are not here to quote statistics on futures winning and the probability of the Padres winning the World Series when they are 17 games behind the division-leading Dodgers! What we are here to tell you is that players don’t think as you do. They see dollar signs attached to lopsided numbers and they believe they can beat you. For this reason, you must offer futures.

►  Future bets are low-risk bets to you and a revenue streamline to your business now. No matter the sport, you must offer futures odds.

►  Have a plan, do not make up your own numbers. Many bookies follow the numbers from the big boys of the offshore sportsbook industry. This can serve you well or it can fail miserably. These numbers fluctuate daily, and you must reset them daily or you can be hit hard at the end of the season. The Las Vegas Golden Knights are the best example to study. Literally, thousands of bookmakers dropped the ball on the Knights and those folks are still paying the price.

►  You must have a working knowledge of how futures bets work and how to set and readjust them or you must invest in the services of a pay per head and let them do the work for you.


►  Prop bets are your lifeblood in any sport. You need them, you must offer them and frankly, you can’t live without them. Prop bets are the special interest bets that keep the bettor engaged and that keeps you earning a six-figure income. No matter if it’ the NFL, NCAA BB, NCAAFB, the NBA, NHL, MLB, Golf, Tennis, and Rugby, you want to offer props.

►  In order to offer props, you must know how to set prop odds and lines. You must have experience and know-how. A bad prop line can make a very good day go south very quickly.

►  As most bookies know, gamblers are risk-takers (hence the word gamble), sports bettors get bored quickly and they look for action elsewhere. This is where prop odds come into play and where you can generate a large portion of your income.

No matter if its props or futures you want to earn a great income. You can set yourself up for success by diving headlong into the pay per head world. Let the professionals manage your business for you. The best pay per head providers have been in the business since 1996 and they have been bookies as well as gamblers. They know what the gambler wants. Find a top-notch, white-label PPH and start earning what you’re worth.

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