Forget the Sales Pitch – What do Gamblers Need in a Sportsbook?

No matter where you go or what website you dial up, the rhetoric tends to be the same when it comes to advice about sports betting Sites. We know what real gamblers look for and what they need, because we are real gamblers! Online bookmakers are everywhere, do an organic Google search and you will see literally hundreds of them pop up. How can you know which one is best is a never ending question.

Most sports gamblers have several online bookies that they use and for a variety of different reasons. It’s a great idea to have several for the simple fact that you will have the liberty of shopping around and knowing how are dice made. It’s like grocery shopping, you like the big brand named store because it’s clean, it’s organized and checking out is a breeze, but let’s face it, the folks working there know very little about the products they sell, and you are on your own. Not only is there a customer service issue, there is a pricing issue. The big brands may sell bleach for .99 cents a gallon but they sell milk for $1.00 then the local convenient store. It works the same way with sports books with this artlcle. The big brand names hit you with a lot of flash and a lot of fancy advertising but they might be snaking you out of great baseball or NFL lines. This is exactly why you must have several on the string.

What do you need from your sportsbook, what is a must?

Top notch customer service that is customer reviewed and rated second to none. Agents that speak great English and are willing to speak with you no matter how big or small the problem or inquiry. Agents that know the sports gambling industry and that can converse with you using the appropriate, colloquial language.

A customer service dept. that has a toll free number assessable from the United States. If the sportsbook that you are thinking of depositing with does not have a toll free number, do not deposit with them under any circumstance. From time to time you may want to call them. In this business problems do arise and you may need a live person to speak with.

Smooth deposit methods-a variety of options.

Fast and convenient payout methods. There are a few bookies that pay out as soon as the next day. Find them, they do exist.

A great player bonus for the four major sports. Serious sports gamblers love a good bonus and for good reason; it’s a way to make money, using free money.

Sports betting options; how many sports do they offer? Is it pretty much the four major sports? If so, don’t even think of signing up with them.

Wagering platform; is it user friendly, are the web pages laid out in a way that is pleasing to the eye and offers ease of use and navigation?

Wagering limits; do they have them and what are they exactly? If you deposit $1,000 you expect the ability to wager at least half on a game. Ask them what the limits are before depositing.

Prop bets, futures and exotic bets; some bookies offer very little in this dept. check it out, ask questions and find out where the props are located. Look at them, find out what is being offered in every sport. Props and future bets are a great way to make some serious money, don’t sell yourself short.

We have outlined a few of the top necessary elements that are a must for any gambler when looking for a top notch sportsbook. A great sports betting site will make or break your entire gambling experience. Find the best.