Expand Your Bottom-Line Profits with Pay Per Head

If you are an independent sports bookmaker operating on a year-round basis, then you are probably well aware of how important it is to take advantage of every betting opportunity possible. This is especially true during the dog days of summer when sports bettors tend to slow down their online betting activity to build a bigger bankroll for football season.

Savvy bookmakers that have been successful over the years already know just how important having the right Pay Per Head service can be when it comes to building bottom-line profits on a year-round basis. Many private bookies look at their price per head provider as the online system that is in place to process all the betting action coming in. Granted, that is a big part of the role it plays in the day-to-day operation of an independent sports bookmaker, but the top PPH services in the online sports betting industry have so much more to offer when it comes to running and managing a sportsbook.

One of the biggest benefits a top Pay Per Head site can provide is an in-house call center that is staffed with sports betting experts that know exactly what it takes to be successful as a private bookie. These are the people that you want to get to know much better than you probably already do. They are not only the primary point of contact for your business needs, they are the ones that are going to be directly dealing with your betting customers should any issues pop up with an online sports betting account.

If you take the time to get to know the customer service representatives working in your PPH services call center, it can go a long way towards quickly resolving any issues that may arise. The ability to attach an actual name with a voice can give you a deeper inside track to the overall workings of your Pay Per Head’s customer service department as an independent bookmaking agent. This works both ways which is why you should sign on with a price per head service that has their own staff as opposed the ones that look to farm out this service to an outside call center.

Many of the top price per head providers will assign a specific account manager to your bookmaking operation when you first sign on with their service. This is another important aspect of your overall relationship with your PPH service. Knowing everyone that works in the call center is a good start, but you want a point person inside the PPH operation that can go to bat for you if any major issues should arise. It is up to you to nurture that relationship so it does last far beyond the original sign up phase.

A great way to build bottom-line profits with the help of your Pay Per Head provider is to take full advantage of everything they offer as part of the weekly price per head fee you pay for your active betting customers. This may be in the form of a custom website designed to enhance your online marketing presence. It could be easy access to any number of betting lines that come in both fast and sharp. You should always try and build out your betting board with as much variety as possible. Even if things get quiet during the summer months, there is always a large assortment of football futures and prop bet odds to choose from.

It is your price per head service’s job to get you all the betting lines and odds you need to keep your customer’s happy, but it is up to you to build some additional action through things such as live in-game wagers or an extended listing of active tracks for your online racebook for horses.