Bookies Need a Quality Pay Per Head

Pay Per Head (PPH) is the term used for web services that are provided to bookmakers. The title is derived from the way the provider charges for services. The bookmakers pay the provider a weekly fee per each user that places bets through the system.

There’s been an explosion in sports betting, stemming from the 2018 Supreme Court ruling that removed Nevada’s virtual monopoly. There had already been momentum in the industry, but it has intensified in the last couple of years.

Operators looking to get into the bookmaking business don’t need to develop their own software. Pay Per Head platforms have been around for close to 25 years. 

They are designed to make it easy to manage and settle bets. The PPH providers neither accept the wager nor handle the financial aspect of the business.

Set up a white label sportsbook
Set up a white label sportsbook


Pay Per Head Options

One of the long-time successful brands in the PPH industry is Real Bookies. The site has been designed around the needs of bookmakers so that they can give their customers an exciting wagering experience. It provides the bookmakers a lot of flexibility in how they manage their business.

The bookmaker handles the relationship with their customers. The software provides them with the ability to customize the Real Bookie experience. Real Bookie offers sportsbook, horse racing and casino wagering options.

It’s up to the individual bookmaker how much they want to make available to their clients. The bookmaker is only charged a fee if the player places a wager during the billing cycle. In addition, the bookmaker can set their own odds for events or use those provided by Real Bookies.


Sports and Wagering Options

Real Bookie offers most of the sports that bettors expect to see on a betting site. These include the following:

  • NFL and College Football
  • NBA and College Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Boxing
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Motor Sports

The wagering options on Real Bookie are also extensive, with spreads, moneyline, over/under, parlays, teaser and prop bets available. Customers can buy half points through increased vigs, a benefit for bookmakers. Bookmakers can also adjust lines or odds for certain games or events.

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The advantage of this feature is that customers may tend to bet on certain teams, regardless of the line. With this knowledge, the bookmaker can increase the lines or the odds, giving themselves an edge over the bettor. They can also reward loyalty by giving the bettor an easier chance at victory than other sportsbooks will offer.

The real benefit for bookmakers to use a PPH model is profitability. In a revenue-splitting model, the sportsbook keeps somewhere between 60% to 80% of profits from the players. Using a PPH model, the bookmaker is only responsible for paying the per head fee. Depending on the size of the customer base, that is usually $10-$15 a player.

For prospective bookmakers or those looking to upgrade their way of doing business, PPH makes a lot of sense. Because of their experience and flexibility, Real Bookie, which is RDG Corporation’s premier brand, is an excellent choice.