Betting UFC on Fight Nights and PPV’s

What makes a contact sport great are all the opportunities on Betting UFC on Fight Night and PPV’s.  At least twice a month, the greats and rising stars battle it out for our viewing pleasure.  That we can speculate on it and put our money where our mouths are is just a bonus.  Fantastic to see everyone back here at The Street Betting.  Now that the CM Punk hype train has left the building, let us look at how to bet on those that can prove their mettle between the ropes for real right now here at the TSB.

Betting UFC on Fight Nights : Fox Sports 1

Take for instance the Fight Night on September 17th.  Texas is a fertile ground for contact sport fans so it should be a rowdy atmosphere that translates well to the screen.  On Fox Sports 1, the prelims start at 8PM.  Opportunity to see rookies and fighters being groomed for greatness.  10 PM is when the established stars of both the men and women square off to make their mark and maintain their place in the pecking order.  Let us take for example the fight between Dustin Poirier and Michael Johnson as the main event to speculate on.

Moneyline and Total Number of Rounds

So the fight between Poirier (-165) and Johnson (+135) is a light weight bout due to last five rounds.  The total for this is 2 1/2 rounds with the over being the anticipated outcome at the price of -150.  What this equates to is the Poirier will be able to wear down and possibly submit Michael Johnson later in the fight due to his better grappling skills.  Johnson is only 19-10 but has that heavy fist which can translate into that one punch.  However, being that it is more of a one trick pony, both he and the under in the rounds are the underdogs in terms of the betting odds this Saturday, the 17th.

So go to Americas Bookie.  Under the UCF section, check the box for UFC Fight Night and hit continue.  All the options are right before you.  Wager, watch, profit, and pocket the cash are all straight forward as long as you can pick winners. Get loans from for betting.  Good fortune in this on the 17th and welcome to the exciting world of Betting UFC. Visit for more.