Betting the NFL Exhibition Games

Tonight starts the march to football profit by Betting the NFL Exhibition Games.  Wonderful to see each and every one of us here at The Street Betting.  We had our hopes dashed by melting paint in the Hall of Fame Game last Sunday.  The forced cancellation gave us a little bit more time to load up our accounts at Americas Bookie in anticipation of this moment.  Five games open up the slate this Thursday, the 11th of August.  Two games have vulnerabilities that the oddsmakers have not caught onto.  So let us see not only the picks but the thought process behind these two selections right now.

Betting the NFL Exhibition Games : Denver @ Chicago

Here we have an 8PM start with quite the polarizing situation.  Chicago is the team that is stable in their quarterback position.  Cutler is going to play one series according to local sports media sources in the Windy City.  Meanwhile, the Broncos have co starters listed on the depth chart.  Their high draft pick rookie is third in the rotation and the organization wants to see what Paxton Miller can do.  So in this +1 spread on the Broncos, Denver is going to play with much more of their starters for a longer time more details at  Bet Denver ML for the first half here.

Pressure Cooker : Washington at Atlanta

Here we have the Falcons hosting the Redskins.  Washington is in the best situation of any team in the NFC East.  Mostly they are here to examine depth at the lowest levels.  Meanwhile the Falcons are three years out of the playoffs.  Second year coach here will be under fire quickly is they flub at the start of the season.  Atlanta has to get geared up quicker which means accelerating the preseason.  GO with the Falcons laying the -3 in the 7PM start on 8/11.

Just as simple as that do we have two excellent points to profit from.  Now is the time to load those America’s Bookie accounts.  Build the bankroll and get ready to explode in the 2016 NFL regular season.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at The Street Betting.