Betting Football: How to Become A “Sharp” Player

What does it really take to become a “sharp” player or a “wise guy”? Do sharp players and wise guys really exist? Yes, they do and they win consistently. With untold billions of dollars being spent every year on football someone must be raking it in.

Sports gamblers love football. They live for the excitement of every play. The NFL and college are both exciting to watch and they both offer something different.

How did your portfolio stack up against a sharp player, last season?

Did you win? Did you win more than 53% of the time? You must win at least 52-53% of the time to beat the juice. An outstanding football season, would be winning somewhere in the neighborhood of 55-58%. That would be considered outstanding and above average. Did you see about ibebet the best betting site in nigeria?

Tell me how to become a Sharp player~

This is what every player wants to know and if everyone was a sharp player; sportsbooks would go out of business quickly. The problem that exist with the average, everyday player is this; they are too proud to take some simple betting advice or listen to those that really know the football betting industry.

If you want to become a sharp player, here are a few tips to help you along the way.

What Sharp Players Don’t Do

  • They never spend what they can’t afford.
  • They always have a budget set, knowing exactly what they can spend week in and week out and they never go over it. They never play with scared money.
  • They never chase bad bets, and yes, even sharp players make bad bets every now and then, after all, it is a gamble.
  • They never wait until the last minute to get a bet in, running up to the window before the game goes off the board.
  • A sharp player usually knows who he wants to bet, on Tuesday and gets the bet in.
  • Sharp players never play exclusively at 1 sportsbook. They always keep several in their portfolio.
  • They shop around for better lines. Sharp players never settle, they search out their other books and find the best available line for the money.
  • Sharp players never bet a NFL Pre-Season game because its popular or because it’s on TV. They bet the game because it offers value, they look for value in every game, every bet.
  • Sharp players almost never bet parlays, teasers, or prop bets.

If you choose to stop betting like a rookie, you too, can become a sharp player. It will take a lot of discipline, and a lot of time and research. There is no reason to keep losing money every year. Even though you may be having fun on some level; gambling on football would be much more fun if you were consistently winning.

Find two or three great offshore sportsbooks that offer everything you need as a player. Find a sportsbook that offers quick payouts, great bonuses and no hassle customer service.


Hire a professional, someone that picks winners for a living. These guys exist, this is what they do for a living and they make a great living indeed. Trust them. They know what they are doing and they are well worth the nominal fee that you will pay. They are everywhere out there and easy to find. Look at some good reviews. Who really knows their stuff? You can easily find out by reading popular reviews.

Who has the time to research football on their own? Almost nobody. It’s exhausting work, it’s a full-time job. If you really want to be a winner this year and really want to cash in on your football investment; you will get good advice.