Bet to Win in College Football 2016

One week in and a clear path to Bet to Win in College Football 2016 might already be upon us.  Great to see everyone back at The Street Betting for this Labor Day Weekend.  Wild day in college football that ended with a punctuation mark by the defending national champions.  All the conferences had their ups and downs in the power five.  An outsider is threatening the status quo of the college football playoff system.  All of this right now for you here at The Street Betting.

Bet To Win in College Football : Conference Evaluations

The biggest and baddest in the land were rescued by their banner school and can play and betting, Check out reloadcasino.  Alabama’s 52-6 destruction of USC lead a trio of teams with good results.  Georgia and Texas A&M performed well.  Auburn lost but held their own. LSU, Mississippi State, and Kentucky flopped to give the conference a merely average opener.

  • Big Ten looked good with only NW being nipped at the end being the only point to ponder.
  • Big 12 : Oklahoma lost the only real game that counted towards the national championship chase as they stunk verses Houston.
  • Pac 12 is still down with several banner losses and even seeing Zona choke away the game against BYU
  • Jury is out on the ACC.  Clemson struggled mightily but got the job done.  It will come down to the Ole Miss @ FSU game to gauge the strength of this conference after one week.

Houston Cougars

Here is where the faith in the little man paid off.  Houston was top ten last year but are the outsider to the dance.  They played Oklahoma and were getting +425 or so at Americas Bookie if they won.  Not only did they pull off the upset but looked dominant in the second half doing so.  Beauty of college football is that this tremendous type of payday seems to happen each week at Americas Bookie.  Some team in America defies the odds to bless our bankrolls seemingly every Saturday during the fall.

We still have the Fighting Irish at Texas tonight.  Closing out the holiday is the Ole Miss and FSU affair.  Now is the time to top off those sports investment accounts by depositing at Americas Bookie right now.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at The Street Betting.