Are Online Bookmakers Created Equal?

We could end this conversation right now by saying no! Let’s back up the no. Of course not all Bookmakers are created equal and they are certainly not the same. The basic idea of a bookie is to offer sports wagering and they all do that. We can agree on this one point, but how they offer it and in what manner they offer it in is something altogether different. Gamblers, whether online or in a brick and mortar casino, they all have one thing in common; they want paid. It’s plain and simple, there is no deviation from the facts, when you win you want paid and you want paid as quickly and hassle free as possible .

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Facts about payouts:

  1. When signing up with a sportsbook find out the rules for payouts. These rules can be tricky and some bookies require a two, three or four week waiting time before the first payout. Are you willing to wait?
  2. What is the charge for payouts and do they ever offer them free of charge?
  3. What documentation is required for a payout, can you set this up when signing up with the sportsbook. Many players want to know from the outset that their backs are covered and if they need a payout, they can get it. Ask questions, find out the rules about documentation and have this taken care of before you deposit.
  4. If you are a bonus player can you take a payout or do you need to complete a rollover? If so, how much is the rollover? Make sure that you know exactly what you are getting when you take a bonus, how the rollover is calculated and how much you will need to play in bets before you are eligible for a payout.
  5. The bottom line when it comes to payouts; have your ducks in a row before your first deposit, then when you do win, there will be no surprises.
    Another important feature to look for when choosing a sportsbook is customer care. Is your sportsbook or potential sports bookies available to speak with you on the phone, do they speak English and is the call toll free from the United States? Never sign up with a sportsbook than cannot be called for free of charge.

Follow and read great review sites. There are a few of them out there and a couple of them only talk about the “Walmart’s” of the industry. They only talk about the sportsbooks the have 100,000 players and more in the data base. This is not a fair assessment of the reality of what’s good and bad about any given bookmaker.

A few more friendly pointers for finding a great sportsbook:

  1. Do they offer a great player bonus?
  2. What about lines and odds, are they competitive?
  3. What are the wagering limits, do they meet your needs and what about parlay and teaser rules are they fair and are they competitive with Las Vegas?
  4. Do they cater to American players?
  5. What about a wide variety of sports to bet on and prop bets, do they offer them?
  6. Do they have a standup reputation industry wide for being fair, honest and paying out on time

The above is a short list of the more important features to look for when deciding on an online bookie. As stated earlier; bookies are everywhere but finding one that’s reliable, honest and fair is often a tall order. Ask yourself the above questions before making the leap and be prepared to have fun. Finding a great online bookmaker makes all of the difference in the world and can make or break your hobby.