The Impact of Injuries on NBA Betting

NBA bettors are constantly scouring boards for the best odds on any given night. The odds take into account a number of factors including team records, head-to-head matchups, and home-court advantage. One additional factor that can play a key role in shifting odds and making NBA picks is injuries. Starter or Backup? The first thing

The Basics of NBA Betting

Searching through all of the NBA betting lines can be a difficult and trying task especially when you are unfamiliar with the intricacies of the wagering world. There are the more straightforward NBA picks like wagering on the moneyline, but there is also betting on the point spread and totals betting that can be somewhat

This is how you Optimize Your PPH sportsbook

Sports betting and casino have come along way in the past few years, that’s for sure. Things have changed quite a bit; technology has made its way into the industry and it’s more important than ever that you and your operation are prepared to offer a world-class experience from all angles. This is why PricePerHead

Per Head Shops can thrive with This

The pay per head industry is one that’s competitive, it’s progressive, it’s aggressive, and it works. It’s a proven winner for bookie across the United States and Canada and if you’re not familiar with what they provide, then stick around and discover the easiest way to earn a living as a bookie. If you are

Make Being a Bookie Your Business

Are you looking to start a business? One of the fastest growing business opportunities is becoming a bookie, especially in the USA where legalization in multiple states has ignited the industry. check this side effects Starting a sportsbook isn’t too difficult, nor does it require a huge investment. If you’re interested in becoming a bookmaker,

Futures or Props What generates the Revenue?

Sports gamblers are funny people the minute you think you have them figured out, they stop gambling for six months and you never hear from them. Just about the time you think they are solid football bettors, they hit you for $500 on NASCAR! Following your clients is an up and down rollercoaster of a

What To Do When Players Get Smarter

There are good streaks and bad slumps pretty much in everything in life, and sports betting is not the exception. We all know how this works, players enjoy the rush and adrenaline of betting on their favorite teams and watching the games with their friends, have fun and make some money in the process, and

What to bet on after the superbowl

From office block pools to six-figure bets on the pointspread, there is no doubt that the Super Bowl is the biggest single-day betting event of the year. Even people that would not know the difference between a sportsbook and a phonebook are going to have some kind of action on Sunday’s game. A surprisingly large

Everyone Should Have a Bookie and Bookmaker

One form of gambling or another has been around for as long as humans go back in history. Whether it is the competitive nature of the human race, the thrill of victory or one of countless other reasons why we like to gamble, we all love it. Some sports bettors do it for a living,

Sportsbook Bonus – Worth Your Time, Should You take One?

What is a bonus, what do they offer, what function do they perform, what’s the best way to use a bonus and at the end of the day, is a bonus worth taking? These are all questions that you should have an answer to when thinking of taking or passing on a bonus. The one